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  • Simple Analysis

    Extensive knowledge on image analysis is not a requirement for using IMACEL. The processed images generated by IMACEL minimizes the complexities involved in extracting data from your images.

  • Instant Processing

    IMACEL learns all of the processing procedures. The same procedures can be subsequently applied to several images, making it possible to conduct a batch analysis for the same type of image.

  • High Performance

    Analysis accuracy is improved with repeated usage as the AI accumulates the data acquired from the analysis procedure, and learns the steps required to analyze the images.

  • Educational Resource

    Researchers can learn the basics of image processing as the detailed processes are displayed below the images. Advice on imaging techniques and analysis is also provided by our team of expert image analysts.

  • Updates

    The cloud-based platform allows users to use the newest classifier from anywhere, regardless of the OS.

  • Security

    IMACEL is built on Microsoft Azure, meaning that users can be ensured that all of their important image data will be protected.

    * All data is encrypted used 256-bit AES encryption.


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IMACEL is developed from the standpoint of researchers dedicated to revolutionizing life science research.


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